Kat in short


Hey! My name is Katya, and I am from Estonia, currently living in Montenegro. I work to travel, I travel to work – so far visited 63 countries, and hopefully this number will be always increasing! I started doing photography at age of 7 and for a very long time used film cameras. After taking pictures of my friends at the playground I switched to macro photography. Next step was reportage photography that I still enjoy a lot, but my recent love is PORTRAIT. I did not mean to do it much, but it has happened during my trip to Liberia that in the end I got a bunch of good pictures of Liberians that you can see on this website. Now I would like to master my skills with models, especially males, – I got used to shoot in wild circumstances, but I’d love to expand my expertise and take nice pictures of people. I also enjoy taking pictures of parties. Please contact me if you’re interested so we can agree the time and location. I speak English, Montenegrin, Russian, Estonian, French and a bit of Spanish. Currently I am based in Tallinn, Estonia, and can travel around.